Acting is...

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Acting is .   .   . by Shannon Vance

Acting is a way of telling a story with your body.  You must tell the story with feelings.  When you act you put yourself in the character’s shoes.  You act out what you would do if you were in their position. 

People in the islands like to express their feelings by songs, by dances and by their body actions.  They also believe in different things then us, such as idols, myths and even reincarnation.

Shannon Vance

Halloween Parade

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Spooks of every variety haunted the hallways and gym of Rees Elementary on thursday, October 31st.  Parents came to watch...or was it to protect their little dears from the scary creatures?  Look at the pictures from the parade and see what you think.

Mother's Day Picnic

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On Wednesday, May 8th, Kindergartners gave strict instructions to the weatherman to hold off all rain at the appropriate times.  The weather cooperated and Mothers of Rees Kindergartners enjoyed a picnic with their little darlings.  The Kindergartners surprised their moms with books they had written about their mothers.  These books were full of interesting information about their beloved mothers.  From the looks of the faces on the Mothers in these pictures, a good time was had by all!