What S.O.A.R stands for in the words of a student

Article by: Marissa Jackson in 5th grade

Marissa Jackson, a 5th grader in Mrs. Crandall's class shared this essay about the new S.O.A.R theme:

At school we have a motto called S.O.A.R.  Each letter means different things.  S stands for Serve and Support.  O means Own Your Actions and Your Words.  A is Aim High and Achieve.  Last is R which is Respect.   We follow this S.O.A.R. motto in the learning areas, cafeteria, hallways, and in the bus, bike, and walking areas.  Each week we focus on a letter at a time.  This week we are focusing on letter S.  Then we will focus on the other letters for the next few weeks.  We are Rees Eagles and we S.O.A.R. high.