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Goodbye Mr. Pitcher

Submitted by angie.keisel on Fri, 05/27/2016 - 15:10

Rees Elementary has had some great examples of leadership throughout the years.   Today, Mr. Pitcher and Mrs. Horner can be added to that list.

Each grade level sets a standard regarding math facts for students to pass off throughout the year.  Students have the opportunity to earn their eagle ‘wings’ to reach that goal.  Mr. Pitcher has supported this idea as he joins in to salute and congratulate those students who have earned their wings. 

However, this time around, and on his last school day at Rees Elementary, students and faculty saluted him for an outstanding job he’s performed as principal.  He has spent many hours, supporting, encouraging, cheering on, (and maybe, just maybe, shed a few tears) with the amazing students, parents, faculty and staff. 

We all salute you Mr. Pitcher.  We will all miss you.  Good luck with your new adventures at Meadowbrook Elementary.      (Check out the final saluting video on our Facebook page.)

We are also very grateful to have had Mrs. Jen Horner as our Title One Coordinator.  Her amazing abilities to schedule and organize all of the Title One requirements were mind blowing to all.  She made it look so easy but we know it is a lot of work (not to mention the “Intervention Board”)! 

She also made sure everyone had fun each year.  Mrs. Horner organized many social gatherings for everyone at the school.  A few of them include: the faculty and staff socials held throughout the year, Rees Appreciation Days (RAD), Marti Gras celebration, and Pancakes with Mrs. Horner for the reading carnival parties.

We’re sad she’s leaving, but happy for her and the new chapter of life she’ll be creating!  We will miss her!