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Star Wars: Revenge of the Fifth

Submitted by angie.keisel on Mon, 05/23/2016 - 12:56
Article written by Nya and Kylie; Photo by Mrs. James

In our class we celebrated Star Wars day, but instead of celebrating May the Fourth we celebrated Revenge of the Fifth (Revenge of the Sith). Revenge of the Fifth was fun. There was a lot of laughter and a lot of work. First, we all did Star Wars Just Dance.  We all danced and it was fun. It was like a huge dance off. Afterwards we were all tired.  Mrs. James let us have a 30 sec break but then we went right back to dancing. Second, we did math. Right away everyone said, “Ugh!” But since it was Star Wars Day we did math a little differently, we played a game where we split up into teams and each team took turns choosing numbers, sometimes the numbers would be The Emperor taking away twenty points, sometimes there’d be a math problem, and sometimes we’d get points for destroying the Death Star. We did a lot of fun things in an amazing way.

            One of the most exciting things we did was when we played with a parachute. We turned on Star Wars music and found a pattern, every time the same part of the song came on, we’d do the same thing with the parachute. We also made X-Wings to try to destroy the Death Star. We rode them down fishing lines and tried to make them to drop a proton bomb (marble) onto the Death Star. The Death Star was a target with circles each circle had a certain amount of points.  There was a five pointer, a twenty pointer, and a fifty pointer. Obviously we wanted to hit the fifty pointer, so we designed different X-Wings that we thought would drop the proton bomb (marble) onto the fifty pointer. There were a lot of creative X-Wings, and we had fun. Overall Star Wars day, Revenge of the Fifth, was a huge success.