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World Explorers

Submitted by angie.keisel on Fri, 05/13/2016 - 15:31
Photo by Jennifer James

For the past few months Mrs. James´ class has been working on a project called Mystery Class. Mystery Class is where you and your class participate in finding ten cities hidden all over the world. Every Friday we would get clues to where the ten places were.  It gave us sunrise and sunset times for the place and we would figure out how much daylight (photoperiod) that place got and mark it on a chart. Then we would compare it to how much light Spanish Fork had. We would have a question every time.  We also had to figure out universal time to help us find our cities. We also found longtitude and latitude of our city. It took us a while to figure out how to do military time (used to find how much daylight) but we finally figured it out.

Towards the end they gave us continent clues to help us figure out our continents. Then they moved on to state clues, to help us figure out our state. They gave us city clues at the very end, giving us random facts about their city. With these clues we figured out where our Mystery Class cities were. Some of the cities were Ljubljana, Slovenia; Launceton, Australia; and Hangzhou, China.

When the results came out last week, we found out that our class earned a BRONZE award! Mystery Class helped us to better understand how to subtract with time, because we had to figure out the amount of daylight our cities were getting. It also helped us understand how to measure latitude and longitude as we were figuring what latitude and longitude our city was. Mystery class helped us to understand military time and how to convert our time to military time. Mystery class helped us to understand a lot of concepts we didn’t understand before, while it was fun at the same time.