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Tiny Teachers

Submitted by patty.tew on Fri, 01/17/2014 - 16:11
rs. Tew's Kindergarten "teachers"
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Alleah taught how to tie a shoe.
The class pracaticed good listening skills.
Brianna taught how to dust the proper way.
Hunter showed the class how to safely shoot an arrow.
Kayleigh taught the rules for playing Connect Four.
Michael wowed the class with his science experiment.
Maylynn demonstrated the proper procedure for painting nails.
Kourtney made very good orange juice!
Chase showed us how to look for hidden pictures.
Jason advertised truck making for Home Depot. It's free and fun!
You can do it, too...first Saturday of each month!
Kamryn is a professional "Wheelie" installer.
Sylvia wrote down and read the steps in learning to swim.
Preslie has a new's doing dishes all by herself!
Andrew impressed the crowd with his lego creation.
Korbin showed how to follow instructions to build with legos...a skill every man should learn!
Alecks shared knowledge about firetrucks.
Shaiyne reviewed the history of Barbie and Ken. She is holding the 1950's versions.
Barbie has come a long way.... in a pink car!

Friday, January 17th, Mrs. Tew turned the teaching of her class over to the students.  The minute the microphone was placed around their necks they began to astound the class with great knowledge.  Mrs. Tew learned so much from her students that she has decided to turn almost every Friday over to the children for teaching.  They are going to call it Show and Teach.  The children take home a bookpack containing a book and instructions on how to use it as a springboard for preparing a presentation for the class on the following Friday.  You can check this website each week for an update on the marvelous things that were taught.