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Rees Elementary Shows Appreciation for Classified Employees

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 11/26/2011 - 12:33
by Ethan Deceuster
Cameo Johnson won the best secretary award.
Tracy Wiley won the best secretary in a supporting role award.
Patrice Nielsen won for her skill building performance.
Nikki Thomas won for her skill building performance.

All around the school, teachers and students were hanging posters, singing songs, and writing heart felt notes to the classified employees at Rees Elementary.  The school would not operate without these essential players on the Rees team.  Classified Employee Appreciation Week was celebrated from November 14th through 18th.

The hallways were covered in posters full of thanks for the planning time technicians that teach the specialty classes.  These employees include Melinda George (Music), Heidi Gammon (Art), Christina Cantrell (PE), Teresa Stewart (Computers), and Stacey Hall (Library).  Third graders made the top 10 best and worst about being the custodian and put their lists next to Jimmy Burraston's office.  We are so grateful for all Jimmy does!  All the title one technicians also had a poster plastered outside their room.  Thank you to all of our title one technicians.

The lunch ladies were surprised on Wednesday afternoon when the fifth graders performed Weird Al's "Eat It" for them.  The office staff received posters of the "academy awards" they won.  Patrice Nielsen and Nikki Thomas took home oscars for Skill Building.  Cameo Johnson and Tracy Wiley won best secretary.  We are still waiting for their acceptance speeches!