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Forest Studies at Camp Maple Dell

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 11/26/2011 - 11:58
By Bennett Gordon (4th Grade) and Ammon Gathercoal (3rd Grade)
Multi-grade students at Camp Maple Dell on October 17, 2011

On October 17, the multi-grade classes went on a field trip to Camp Maple Dell.  This was in partnership with the Boy Scout’s program called “Learning for Life”.  First of all, the fall colors were amazing!  The camp ranger said he had never seen the colors so brilliant in the past 16 years he’d been there. 
     The first activity we did was with the COPE leaders.  They were games that made us work together.  We first separated into groups by pairing up with others acting out the same animal sound.  Then we made shapes with a rope either blind folded or without words.  The games with the tennis balls was by far the most fun.
     We also learned about longitude and latitude or the grid system.  Then we used GPS to go geo-caching.  The treasure was tootsie rolls and salt water taffy.  Then we learned how to survive if we ever got lost.  The most important thing is to STOP!  This acronym means to S=stop moving, T=think, O=observe, P=plan. 
     The hike to the Pine Grove was way cool too.  On the way we learned how to identify different Native Utah Trees like a juniper and a Douglas fir.  The grove was so quiet and peaceful!  We learned pine tree needles' come in bunches.  On the hike back to camp we saw some deer about 10 yards away.  It was a great field trip. We can’t wait to return in January!