School News

Artists in training

Rees 1-3 graders have the wonderful opportunity of learning from our Artists in Residence this week and next.  These second graders are getting a close up demonstration on how to use chalk and different shading techniques. 

Ms. Spresser - Preschool


I have been teaching in Nebo for 20 years.  I have done preschool for 19 years.  I love to read and sing in choirs.  I am single so I spend a lot time with my extended family.  We do something almost weekly together (go to movies, out to eat, go to BYU games, etc.).


I like green, but I don’t like white.

I like mexican food, but I don’t like berries.

I like football, but I don’t like baseball.

I like peaches, but I don’t like berries.

I like dogs, but I don’t like mice.

VIP Lunch

Photos by Mr. Gull

Another VIP lunch took place this week.  Students had a blast eating lunch and playing games with Mr. Gull.  Congratulations students!  Keep earning those Thank You Notes!


Mrs. Anderson ~ First Grade Teacher


I am from Fountain Green and currently live in Payson.  My husband and I will be having our first baby in February.  I like to go camping and roast hot dogs.  I like playing games.  Skull King is the number one right now.  This is my second year teaching first and hope to keep improving.


I like red, but I don’t like orange.

I like bbq chicken pizza.

I like football.

I like mangos.

I like dogs.

The best part about my job is seeing improvement in the students.


Seconds vs. Minutes


Get ready.  Get set.  Go!  Second-graders have been learning how to tell time.  Students began by exploring how long a second is.  Some of the activities they decided they could do in a second is stomp, snap, draw a line, or even swat a fly!  Running across the room however, would take more than one second.  Students then made predictions of how many times they could do an activity in one minute.  They participated in tossing a ball, jumping jacks, lining tiles up  and finding out how many times they could write their name.  Some predictions were overestimated, some were underestimated, and

Mrs. Watts - Speech/Language Pathalogist


I am a knitting and gaming enthusiast.  I enjoy creating knitting patterns that celebrate my inner nerd.  I am married with two children and have been an SLP since 2009, with several good years heres in Nebo School District.


I like green, but I don’t like pastels.

I like desserts, but I don’t like meat.

I like esports, but I don’t like football (and most sports).

I like pineapple.

I like hedgehogs, but I don’t like parasites.


Mr. Wright - Sixth Grade Teacher


I have 9 kids.  I love to mountain bike, road bike, hunt, camp, play, coach and watch basketball and football.  I also love to build things.


I like blue, but I don’t like red.

I like hamburgers, but I don’t like seafood.

I like basketball and football, but I don’t like golf.

I like pineapple, but I don’t like kiwi.

I like golden retrievers, but I don’t like chihuahuas.


The best part about my job is seeing kids happy.


Mrs. Anderson - Fourth Grade Teacher


I live in Spanish Fork.  I have been married to my husband, Seth, for 3  years.  We are expecting our first baby on December 1st!  I love being outside, camping, fishing and spending time with  my family.  I have been teaching 4th grade for two years now!


I like teal and coral, but I don’t like brown.

I like pizza, but I don’t like BBQ sauce.

I like softball.

I like strawberries, but I don’t like watermelon.

I like dogs, but I don’t like cats.

Tomorrow: SEP Conferences

Parent-Teacher Conferences are tomorrow starting at 3:30.  Reminder notes went home earlier this week.  If you have forgotten what time your appointment is, please call the office and they will gladly let you know.  We are excited to meet with you and your child!