School News

Wheels Day

Photos and article by Carla Nixon

First grades wheels day was a huge success!  Thanks to all of the students who worked hard to have good behavior in the month of March.

Second Grade: Students of the Month for March


Congratulations Eagles on your fantastic job in the classroom!  Students of the month are: Bella Aragundi, Branson Kelsey, Prestyn Cunningham, Riley Tadd, Aubrie Johnson, Mason Grace, Rachel Vakalala, Eliotte Overall, Johnny Robles, Emanuel Vazquez, Easton Thompson, and Kamryn Martinson.

Also pictured are students who have recently earned a brag tag by passing off their addition or subtraction fast facts.  Great job!

Mrs. Gasser - 6th Grade Teacher

I am a wife and mother of three.  My children love their extra-curricular activities.  My boys wrestle and my daughter swims.  My husband and I love to watch and cheer them on.  I have previously taught second, but I love sixth!


I like all colors.

I like alfredo, but I don’t like onions.

I like wrestling, but I don’t like croquet.

I like bananas, but I don’t like blueberries.

I like sloths, but I don’t like bears.

Exploring Rocks and Minerals

Photos and article by Kinsey Williams

To finish up their rock unit, Miss Williams' students got to try their hands at rock hounding. Students enjoyed digging for rocks and minerals. Students had to collaborate and work together to find 11 rocks and minerals and then identify each one during one of their fun Friday activities. 

Debate Team Winners

Photo and Article by Jen Gasser

We are so proud of all the students on the debate team this year!  The team participated in a competition on March 28th at Brockbank Elementary.  The topic was The Benefits of Compulsory National Service Outweight the Harms.  All students did an outstanding job! Congratulations!!

The judges were blown away by how eloquent and articulate the individual speakers performed.  They are:

Aiden  Atwood, Jessica Mendoza, Jesus Ponce, Makayla Kayda, Evelyn Cluff and Koda Marshall.

The following students will be continuing on to state:

Oratory (Speech)

A New Phonics and Spelling Program: HD Word

Tonya Painter

A new phonics program has entered the schools this year for the younger grades.  It’s called HD Word for second and third graders.  The focus of the program is to help students break words into syllables to help them become more accurate readers.  Pictured, are a couple of students doing just that.  Good job boys!  

Blinky Buggy Ratios

Article by Aiden Atwood

In Mr. Mendenhall’s 6th grade math class we learned about ratios using Blinking Buggies. We used the buggies speed to better understand ratios. Each Buggy moved at a constant rate.  Some buggies went faster than others so we used rates to compare them. We measured how fast each buggy could go 10 bricks. Since some of the buggies went slower than others, we used the ratio of speed. We used Either bricks per second, or how many seconds it took to finish 10 bricks. Since we have this data gathered, we can figure out each ratio of Bricks Per Second!