School News

Mrs. Simmons - Speech/Language Pathalogist


This is my first year as a speech language pathologist and I am loving it!  I have been married for 3 years.  We enjoy playing sports, hiking and playing board/card games.  I also enjoy playing the piano and ceramics.


I like purple, mint and coral, but I don’t like brown.

I like sushi, but I don’t like hot dogs.

I like football, soccer, ultimate frisbee, but I don’t like baseball.

I like oranges, but I don’t like grapefruit.

I like puppies, but I don’t like cats.

Second Grade January Stars


Congratulations to these second graders on their outstanding performance in their classroom!  Students were chosen based on their hard work on assignments and behavior.  Great job Eagles!

Students pictured:  Evyn Copley, Chloe Valentine, Adan Sanchez, Kasia Crowe, Karsyn Hernandez, Daphne Green, Gia Geroli, Hania Portillo, Katherine Gomez, Cael Jones, Tyler Watts, and Paityn Widdison.


Rees Students Perform

Photos by Mrs. Lee

The last two weeks have been busy for the first, second, and third graders at Rees Elementary.  Each student has been learning about an art form of their choice – visual arts, musical theater, dance, or drumming – with the help of a professional artist.  Friday afternoon was performance day!  Thanks to the parents who have helped practice and create at home.  We are so lucky to have this wonderful experience!


Is it AM or PM?

Photos and article by Ms. Dekker

Second-graders have been learning to tell time using a.m. and p.m.!  In Ms. Dekker's class students were shown a picture of an event.  Using the clues in the picture (what are the people doing, how much light is outside), students wrote a time on their whiteboard that made sense.  When Ms. Dekker said, "Show me" students walked to the left or right side of the room to show if their answer was a.m.

Waterford Learning

Article and photos by Mrs. Harvey

At Rees Elementary, all first graders participate in a computer literacy program called Waterford.  This is a self-paced program that records students' efforts and learning, and progresses with them as they learn.  It reviews old concepts, practices current concepts, and introduces new concepts as the students show readiness.  It integrates Math, Science, and Social Studies as it gives students a view of the world they wouldn't normally see.  It even sings songs in different languages!'s customizable!  As new concepts are introduced in the classroom, the teacher can assign student

Mrs. Chidester - Kindergarten Teacher


I was born and raised in Hawaii.  My husband;s name is Bart and we have 3 girls in college (Shannon, Anne, and Ashley), and my son Kyle, is in 9th grade at Diamond Fork Jr. High.  I love to cook, play tennis,and read.  I love being a kindergarten teacher!


I like blue, but I don’t like pink.

I like any kind of food.

I like tennis, but I don’t like golf.

I like mango.

I like owls, but I don’t like rats.

The best part about my job is the children.


Fraction Challenges

Photos by Mrs. Painter

Mrs. Painter’s class has been working on equivalent fractions and comparing them on number lines. Students are challenging other students to see who drew the bigger fraction.


Artists in training

Rees 1-3 graders have the wonderful opportunity of learning from our Artists in Residence this week and next.  These second graders are getting a close up demonstration on how to use chalk and different shading techniques.