School News

Ms. Williams - Second Grade Teacher


I love teaching!  Some of my hobbies included hunting, photography and spending time with family!  I have taught for two years in Nebo.


I like turquoise, but I don’t like purple.

I like steak and potatoes, but I don’t like fish.

I like football, but I don’t like golf.

I like all fruit.

I like horses, but I don’t like snakes.

The best part about my job is listening to the funny things the kiddos say!

Mrs. Hunt - Fifth Grade Teacher


I grew up in Texas, and I’m pretty proud of this.  I married a local boy, Dave Hunt, so I’ve stayed in Utah.  We have two kids in our arms and one in our heart (Ian - 11, Maylynn - 8, Aiden - 5). I have taught for 23 years - 18 at Taylor Elementary in Payson and this is 5 at Rees.  My hobbies include shopping, reading, sleeping, and playing at DISNEYLAND with my kids.


I like green, but I don’t like brown.

I like Brick Oven’s Pasta, but I don’t like McDonald’s food.

All About Quadrilaterals


Second graders in Mrs. Keisel’s class have been exploring shapes.  It was decided that if a shape has 4 sides and 4 corners, it can be labeled as a quadrilateral.  We had fun exploring the shapes with pretzels and marshmallows.

Experimenting With Gravity

Jen Saxon

Mrs. Spencer's class spent a science rotation learning about force, motion, and gravity with Miss Saxon.  They got to do experiments involving gravity and how objects move or fall because of it.  They saw the effect of air resistance and friction on how the objects moved.  They were surprised to learn that just the weight of the object does not affect the speed as it falls. 

Love and Logic Parenting Class


Dates: March 16, 23, 30

When: 5:00-7:00pm

Where:  Park Elementary--Call Ann to sign-up


90 N 600 E., Spanish Fork Utah   

$12.00 per couple, book included

If you have paid to attend any previous Nebo district Love and Logic course this course is FREE of charge!

Taught by Karen Smith & Jenn Moxon School Counselors

Learn skills to:

●    Avoid un-winnable power-struggles and arguments

●    Stay calm when their kids do incredibly upsetting things

Mrs. Memmott - Kindergarten Teacher

I love spending time with my family and am especially close to my nieces and nephews.  Games nights and great food are the best.  I love to eat, read, and sleep in my free time.  I love to hula and go clubbing, as dance is my favorite.

I like blue, but I don’t like red.

I like anything Julie Chidester makes, but I don’t like sea urchin.

I like volleyball, but I don’t like everything else.

I like mango.

I like dolphins,but I don’t like seagulls.