National Breakfast Week

Photos by Jen Horner

March 14-17 was National Breakfast Week at Rees.  Our awesome lunch ladies had some fun activities going on for students.  Prizes were won and the guessing game of “How Many Cheerios Are in the Jar?” was played.  Thursday, which happened to be St. Patrick’s Day as well, was pajama day to remind students to “Wake up to breakfast!”  


A Visit From The Rainforest Van


The Rainforest Van from the Living Planet Aquarium visited the 2nd grade classes on Monday.  Students reviewed the continents and oceans of the world while learning about the habitats of animals on each continent.  We were able to pet animals from the rainforest, learn about their diets, defense mechanisms, and more.


Read Across America


To celebrate Dr. Seuss’ birthday, on March 2, Rees students received a boarding pass to lead them to classrooms throughout the school.  Each teacher highlighted a genre, an author or a books series to introduce to students.  Thanks to our office staff for putting this together.  This is a tradition we look forward to every year!


2nd Grade Field Trip


The second grade students visited BYU campus on Thursday, February 28th.  Students gathered in the Eyring Science building ooh-ing and aah-ing at the pendulum, rocks and minerals and the Illusional Dollar Bill.  We then entered the planetarium to watch a video about the solar system.  Next, a presentation was given on moon phases and constellations.  Last, a question and answer session took place.  Students had fun exploring and learning, which made another fun memory for second grade.  


Don't Be A Bull-Y


The Rodeo Royalty, SF rodeo representatives, the Mayor of SF, and Officer Peterson presented “Don’t Be a Bull-y” to Rees students on Wednesday.  The clown talked about winners and losers.  He explained to us, that at certain times, there will be a winner and a loser, but there are things we can say to help the losers.  Rees students are smart because they knew those answers: “You’re awesome!”, “You can do it.  Keep trying!” and “You did a good job!” were a few of the answers.  To demonstrate this, he had students and teachers participate in barrel racing.  Students raced around the barrels

2nd Grade February Students of the Month


Congratulations to the following students in second grade for their outstanding citizenship in their classrooms!  In no particular order: Colby Wright, Sara Thompson, Jacob Robles, Axel Muller, Diante Flores, Clover Carr, Brynden Connolly, Alex Minga, Kori Ekenstam, Alexa Kennedy and Erin Burnett.

Also pictured are the four students who earned their BRONZE sticker for passing off their addition fast facts.  Great job!


Rees Family Art Night

Photos taken by Mary Joy Dekker

On February 8, 2016, Rees Elementary held a Family Art Night.  Professional artists were chosen by a group of teachers, who volunteer their time, to gather information and write a grant to receive this amazing opportunity for Rees students.  We are so grateful for those teachers!

Snowman Soup Station


Students from Mrs. Keisel’s second grade class had been earning snowballs (a.k.a. cotton balls) throughout January.  Snowballs were earned for positive behavior to spend at the Snowman Soup Station (a.k.a hot chocolate bar) at the end of the month.  It was a perfectly chilly day for hot chocolate!


Artist-In-Residence Art Share Assembly


Students from Kindergarten to third grade performed on Thursday, February 11.  The previous two weeks, students have been learning one of the following different art forms: visual arts, musical theater, storytelling and creative movement. Each art form enriched students’ knowledge, abilities and talents.  Some groups performed on stage while other projects are displayed at the school.  Thank you to the artists who spend so much of their time preparing and teaching the students at our school.  The students did an amazing job!