School News

Holiday Performances


We have TWO options for our annual holiday performances this year.  Please join us on Thursday at 9:30 or 1:30 in the auditorium as we celebrate Christmas. 

Serving and Supporting in 6th grade

Photos and Article: Jen Gasser

Mrs. Gasser’s 6th grade class was able to participate in a special service project this week.  Students learned how to tie quilts and were able to tie 2 quilts for local charities. Even Mr. Gull was able to come down and get in on the action! 

It Is All Greek To Me

Photos: Tim Mendenhall, Article: Zach Hargraves

It’s All Greek to Me!

By Zach Hargraves

6th Grader

I have learned a lot at the new school, Rees, but my favorite was the Greeks Olympics.  The Olympics was our final celebration that we did on our unit about Ancient Greece. This included reading Percy Jackson, visiting with the Oracle of Delphi, and even reading articles about Greek philosophy and clothing.  

The first event that we did was the PTA’s Fun Run. But there are a lot more olympics that we did.

3rd grade is!!

Photos and article: Jen Saxon

These third graders have something to brag about!  Seventeen students received their first math brag tag for completing 45 of the 60 multiplication problems in three minutes.  Three of those earned an additional brag tag for getting all 60 correct!  Additionally, each class had three recipients earn a student recognition award.  These are for the student of the month from each class and those who have been demonstrating S.O.A.R. qualities throughout October.  Congrats to these awesome students!

Artist in Residence Info for 4,5,6 grades SAVE the DATE!!!


We are super excited to welcome 4 artists to Rees next week for our 4,5,6 grade Artist in Residence experience.  This year we will be hosting Marilyn Berrett (Dance), Roz Newman (Photography), Elaine Brewster (Musical Theater), and Cheri Gibb (Ceramics).  Students have selected their artist of choice and will have the opportunity to learn techniques and skills from these professionals.  We will have a showcase on **NOVEMBER 16th at 1:30**.  All art will be on display and we welcome parents to come and enjoy a performance or stroll through the art gallery.  

First Grade Students of the Month

Photo and Article: Carla Nixon

Congratulations to our first grade students of the month.  They were good examples of what is means to S.O.A.R.  Back row: Emery Hughes, Aspen Snyder, Rayden John, Denali Proctor, Haizlee Warren  Front row: Bradley Dondero, Carter Stoll, Saralena Woten   Way to go EAGLES!!

Where the Wild Things Are

Article: Sabrina Geroli, Photos: Tim Mendenhall

Where the Wild Things Are

by Sabrina Geroli

As 6th graders we did a play based off of a book called, “Where the Wild Things Are”. We had to make all the props and create the scenery so we could act out the story for the first graders. We spent a lot of time creating it so the first graders (our audience) would love it. Making all these props was a hard challenge but working as a team we pulled through. When the paint  and scenery was dry we took our desks and tables out of the classroom and transformed the room into the story.