Artists and Students Work Together


Over the last two weeks, professional artists and Kindergarten through third grade students have been working together.  The children learned so much from these artists! Look through these pictures and see students learning drumming, visual arts, dance, and musical theater.

Arts Family Night

Monday night many Rees students and families gathered  to meet the artists that have been working with the children.  Parents and children alike were found singing, dancing, drumming, and doing visual arts.

Tew's Tiny Teachers

Kindercamp Kids

Mrs. Tew's Kindergarten classes get the opportunity to practice communication skills and listening skills every week now.  Pictured are last week's tiny teachers teaching all kinds of interesting things!

First Grade Star Students

Miss Wood

From the archives of a cluttered email box (it belongs to the editor not to Miss Wood) comes the December first grade star students.  We are so proud of them!

Front Row L to R: Swazie Patterson, Adley Kaighn, Brindley Jarvis, Ethan Woodworth, Joseph Martinez, Caylin Daugherty

Back Row L to R: Diante Flores, Emma Vakalala, Phenyx Frampton, Ethan Tangren, Kodi Begay, Sylvia Deaver


Whole Class Takes Flight


Mrs. Tew's entire afternoon kindergarten class recieved their wings with the bronze star for reaching their goal of identifying, building, and correctly writing their numbers 0-10.  Way to fly!

Kid's Marathon Information Assembly

Mrs. Ericksen

In an effort to promote healthy choices for our students we are excited to inform you that Run 13 has partnered again with our school for a kid’s marathon.  Over the next four months your child will be running each week towards their goal of completing a marathon (26.2 miles).  This running will take place at school with your child’s teacher supervising the running.  Over the next four months your child will set a goal to run 25 miles.  Then on Saturday, May 2 at 10:00am all student are invited to run the final 1.2 miles of our kid’s marathon in downtown Provo.  Each teache