Rees Teacher of the Year 2018

Article: Nate Wright
Jen Gasser Teacher of the Year

We are pleased to award Jen Gasser the Teacher of the Year for Rees Elementary 2018!   One of Jen's colleagues had this to say about her: 

"She is energetic, fun, willing to work, and she cares deeply about her students and their learning.  She has served as a debate coach and association rep, and has spend countless hours as a student council adviser planning many school-wide events like Warm the Soles, Ghosty Grams, and BYU conference.

Jen cares about her student's success!  She spends countless weekend hours and early morning hours preparing for her students.  She is willing to study, try, and revamp any lesson plan.  Last year she helped mentor a student in her class.  Because of her extra efforts he flourished in her class.  He won the Freedom Festival Essay Contest, and was a finalist in the Wiggy Wash Essay Contest.  Additionally, he won the school and district science fair.    Jen saw he was capable and helped him become his best self."

Jen is a phenomenal teacher.  She loves students, she works hard, and she is always optimistic.  We are thrilled to honor her and thank her for being a Nebo Hero!