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Rees Eagles Pledge to READ MORE!

Submitted by adam.gull on Wed, 03/10/2021 - 14:54

In the middle of the Rodeo Reading Challenge Month, Rees Eagles Kamryn Martinson, Sarah Dye, Zeke Etienne, Ryan Peterson, Maria Lundgreen, Rylee Robinson, and Samantha Clark have set the stage to Aim High and Achieve and to READ MORE! These 6th grade students made a pledge to read one hour more today if they collected 50 signatures. This small, fun act had quite the snowball affect as students began signing the pledge.  More students were excited to announce that they will read more than 30 minutes today and follow the example of our 6th grade students.  Thanks for the fun and HAPPY READING!  Parents, be sure to hold them to their pledge tonight! READ MORE EAGLES!