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PTA Honors Volunteers, Miss Saxon and Mrs. Thomas

Submitted by amy.darrington on Wed, 02/13/2019 - 12:02
Mr. and Mrs. Bliss
Mrs. Moore
Mrs. Thomas
Miss Saxon

We have some amazing volunteers and staff at Rees Elementary and a few of them were recently recognized by our PTA.

Mr. and Mrs. Bliss have been coming every week for years and years to volunteer in Mrs. Memmott's Kindergarten class.  They are delightful and we love having their help.  

Mrs. Kathleen Moore is a familiar face at Rees also.  She volunteers in a variety of ways around the building including reading with students, and helping with the Artist in Residence and the Reading Carnival.  We appreciate all of her help!

Mrs. Thomas is our secretary extraordinare.  Every person who walks into Rees is greeted by Nikki with a big smile and a happy hello.  Her personality lights up every room she is in.  Nikki loves the students and knows almost every single one of their names.  She ensures their needs are met and that they are taken care of.

Miss Saxon is one of our wonderful 3rd grade teachers.  She is delightful and talented and works hard to make sure her students learn and progress every year.  Jen is also a building mentor and willingly shares her expertise with both new and experienced teachers. 

Congratulations to all of these wonderful Rees Eagles for their contribution to Rees Elementary.  You are appreciated!!