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Outstanding Employee Award

Submitted by angie.keisel on Wed, 05/03/2017 - 08:21

Mary Erekson is the recipient of the Outstanding Employee Award nominated by the employees at Rees Elementary. Everyone becomes a better person just knowing her!  She’s kind, patient, caring, smart, and says “Hi!” to everyone she sees!  Congratulations Miss Mary!  You deserve this!

Here are what some of the teachers at school had to say about her:

Mary has been an asset to me this year.  She spends lots of time with my students and in our classroom.  The kids love her!  She has a gift of making each child feel important, which fits the theme of "You Matter" that our school has adopted this year.  Each morning she checks to make sure she has something to work on with resource student.  If there isn't a paper on her table, she asks what I would like her to work on.  I love having her!   (Annette Harvey)

Mary Erekson is such a gift to the kids at Rees!  She is always warm, kind and fun. She is always looking for ways to help any one around her. I love her attitude and pleasant smile. Mary, you are one of a kind and I am very fortunate to work with you!    (Nikki Madsen)

The thing that stood out to me when I first met Mary was how kind she was and how she took an interest into whatever anyone has to say.  Mary, Mary is not contrary. She is friendly and cares about everyone. Thanks Mary! Well deserved!  (Adam Gull)

Mary is always pleasant!  She is always kind! She is always positive!  Anytime I see Mary in the hall, she is talking to a student.  She knows kids from our school by name-Even if she doesn't work with them during the day.  Mary is a joy to work with.  She makes Rees Elementary shine!  (Nate Wright)

This year has not been an easy one for Mary.  She has taken a lot of new responsibilities on as well as some very challenging students.  It hasn't been easy, but she has taken it all on with lots of GRIT!  I am so impressed by her love and patience with all the kids. She is always doing little sweet things for me to try and make my job easier.  I couldn't have survived this year, if I hadn't had my lifesaver--Miss Mary, aboard my ship!  She is the best first mate any Captain could have!  (Rachelle Orton)