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Mrs. Orton - Special Education

Submitted by angie.keisel on Tue, 02/14/2017 - 15:29

I was born in Utah, but grew up in New Zealand and Idaho.  I am married and have six kids and 3 grandchildren!  I love anything outdoors, especially canoeing, hiking and shooting.  I love to read historical novels and picture books and I love old movies.  My favorite thing to do on stormy days is to bake and do family history!


I like aqua blue, pink and yellow.

I like chicken cordon bleu, but I don’t like anything with eggplant.

I like rugby,soccer, swimming, track and basketball, but I don’t like golf.

I like kiwi and raspberries.

I like pandas, polar bears, giraffes, horses, dolphins, and dogs.

The best part about my job is sharing in the excitement when my special education students “realize” they just understand a concept and they “get it”!