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Submitted by angie.keisel on Thu, 05/05/2016 - 13:47

Friday, April 29th was the big event!  Students were ready.  Teachers were ready.  The weather…well…it cooperated with us, eventually.  Grade levels gathered together to jump away at different jump rope activities.  Then we all joined in the gym for the final jump-off.  Congratulations to the top three students from each grade level:

First Grade

1st Allison Bernardino

2nd Peyton Hawkins

3rd Grace Justensen

Second Grade

1st Sara Thompson

2nd Angelie Castro

3rd Sage Ross

Third Grade

1st Halle Hawkins

2nd Reagan Larsen

3rd Emily Escamilla

Fourth Grade

1st Ava harms

2nd Zack Moulton

3rd Lexie Evans

Fifth Grade

1st Allison Soria

2nd Kaitlyn Wyatt

3rd Lauren Taylor

Sixth Grade

1st Braydon Johnson

2nd Lilac Heaton

3rd Brody Duvall


The three top students to bring in the most money are:

1st Olive Hunley

2nd Shelby Hunt

3rd Jake Strunk

 Also, another big congratulations to Mrs. Porter!  She is the new reigning champion from the teacher jump-off!

Thanks to everyone who supported this event; parents, students, office staff (for counting all the money) and teachers.  As a school, we collected over $4,000!  Wow!    Each student received a lanyard, two rubber puppies, and jump ropes and a soccer ball for each classroom.   The money goes directly to individuals from all over the country to help their hearts.

A special thanks to our Jump-a-thon coordinators Tim Mendenhall and Michelle Spencer.  This tradition wouldn’t have happened without them.