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Happy Principals Day Mr. Gull

Submitted by amy.darrington on Mon, 05/06/2019 - 16:20
Article and Photo: Amy Darrington

Some things we love about Mr. Gull:

1.  He genuinely cares about ALL people!  He loves to visit with people he knows, and get to know people he doesn't.  You can't go anywhere with Mr. Gull without stopping to talk to a whole bunch of people. 

2. He loves to teach.  If he is not at school teaching students to S.O.A.R, Mr. Gull is often found at the ballpark, basketball court, or soccer field coaching his children and lots of other children.  He has a gift for teaching people.

3. He loves to make people laugh.  Mr. Gull is silly and loves to make funny faces, tell goofy jokes and he LOVES to play pranks, especially scare people.

4.  He is inclusive.  Mr. Gull includes everyone and every opinion matters.  He makes sure people are comfortable and feel valued.  

5.  Mr. Gull is a quiet hero.  He doesn't demand the spotlight and prefers to shine it on other people, but he is always doing good things wherever he goes.   

Thank you Mr. Gull for being a phenomenal person and principal.  Rees is SO FORTUNATE to have you!!!