February 2015

Excited Kindergartners Visit Museum


February 25th was the long awaited bus ride to Bean Museum to see the newly remodeled displays. Kindergartners and an impressive number of parent/grandparent/uncle and aunt helpers explored the museum looking at animal displays.  The goal was to look at animals in order to analyze how their characteristics enable them to thrive in their habitats.  The children filled out graphs to show their findings.

Fifth Graders Made of Wax


You would have sworn you had just walked into a real wax museum if you walked into the fifth grade classrooms.  The fifth graders were dressed up like famous people from different states.  When you pushed the button in front of them, they talked and told you about themselves.  Then they turned back to wax.  These fifth graders mae of wax were very convincing!

Artist Share Assembly


All of the children participating in the Artists in Residence groups got to exhibit their hard work and talents for the rest of the school and many parents and grandparents.  You can see some of the ways these students are using their talents if you look through these pictures.

Artists and Students Work Together


Over the last two weeks, professional artists and Kindergarten through third grade students have been working together.  The children learned so much from these artists! Look through these pictures and see students learning drumming, visual arts, dance, and musical theater.

Arts Family Night

Monday night many Rees students and families gathered  to meet the artists that have been working with the children.  Parents and children alike were found singing, dancing, drumming, and doing visual arts.

Tew's Tiny Teachers

Kindercamp Kids

Mrs. Tew's Kindergarten classes get the opportunity to practice communication skills and listening skills every week now.  Pictured are last week's tiny teachers teaching all kinds of interesting things!